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05/15/2022Pastor Roger Richards Let Me Tell You What To Expect (Let Me Tell You What to Expect.mp3)
Sunday morning Matthew 5:1-12
Download Let Me Tell You What to Expect.mp3
05/08/2022Pastor Roger Richards The Makings of a Good Mother (The Makings of a Good Mother.mp3)
Sunday morning 1 Samuel 1:1-28
Download The Makings of a Good Mother.mp3
05/01/2022Dr. Jerry Windson 20th Anniversary (20th Anniversary.mp3)
Sunday morning
Download 20th Anniversary.mp3
04/24/2022Pastor Roger Richards What Now (What Now.mp3)
Sunday morning John 21:1-14
Download What Now.mp3
04/10/2022Pastor Roger Richards Let's Get This Place (Let's Get This Place.mp3)
Sunday morning Mark 11:15-18
Download Let's Get This Place.mp3
04/03/2022Pastor Roger Richards The Plot Thickens (The Plot Thickens.mp3)
Sunday morning John 11:45-53
Download The Plot Thickens.mp3

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